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Joe Paterno Defends Players Involved In Marijuana Incident Last April

joe-paJoe Paternno doesn’t understand all the hullaballoo surrounding four of his players being present in an apartment where something authorities are calling “marijuana residue” was found. In fact, he believes the whole issue has been “blown way out of proportion.” This time, JoePa may have a point, as none of the players have ever been charged with any crime relating to the incident.

To rehash the story, per ESPN’s report:

“According to court documents, campus police called to the on-campus housing complex to break up a party the night of the Blue-White scrimmage on April 25 discovered “marijuana residue” and related items in the apartment. Hearing a fire alarm, police knocked on a door, but no one answered, authorities said. A woman with a key unlocked the door from the outside, and officers saw and smelled the drug, they said.”

Paterno addressed the issue at a speaking engagement in Arlington, Virginia Tuesday night. Take it away, JoePa, you goofy old coot:

“It’s a party, and my guys horsing around with marijuana? You know, we test them all the time. And the four kids who were renting the apartment were not in the apartment when the police got in there.”

That’s my new term for smoking weed – horsing around with marijuana – it’s provides a person with a level of deniability, as in, “No, I wasn’t smoking the marijuana, I was just horsing around with it. You know, goofing off with it and stuff.”

But shouldn’t kids with so much riding on them keeping their nose clean show a little more discretion?

“But they’re four young kids. They’re sophomores in college, and who knows? Unfortunately a lot of times, your buddies come up for the Blue-White game. I’m very reluctant to take any kind of position. If I find out somebody was dead wrong and really involved in the whole deal, then we’ll take appropriate action, but right now I don’t think we would.”

Once again, as Penn State football blog Blog, Sweat & Tears points out, none of the players have been charged with any crime and early reports that Penn State quarterback Darryl Clark was renting the apartment have turned out to be inaccurate. So maybe Coach Paterno has a point this time. College football players seem to have no difficulty getting into trouble on their own without the assistance of  rumor-mongering and speculation.

Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure they were smoking dope in that apartment that night. Is that such a crime?

Oh, it is? Nevermind.

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