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Jelena Dokic’s Father Is Having A Rough Couple Of Weeks

jelena-dokic Some days it doesn’t pay to get out of bed. Methinks Damir Dokic is having one of those.

Dokic has been detained in his home for allegedly threatening to “fire a rocket” at the car of the Australian Ambassador to Serbia, according to Serbian Interior Minister Ivica Dacic.

So, what has Dokic’s gaćice in a bunch, you ask?

Apparently, Papa Dokic is not too pleased that Australia’s Sport & Style magazine published an interview it conducted with his daughter, Jelena (in the photograph to the left – hey, it’s relevant to the story – how else would you know who I was writing about without providing a photo of his daughter’s ass?), in which she alleges that he beat her as a child (Jelena has been estranged from her father since 2002).

But Papa has a perfectly reasonable explanation for her allegations:

“…there is no child that was not beaten by parents — the same with Jelena.”

Well, there you go. Despite the fact that it is perfectly acceptable to beat your child, at least according to Damir, Dokic claims that his daughter’s statements are “a continuation of an attack on me, with a clear idea to kill me.”

Man, you just can’t find crazy anywhere like you can in Eastern Europe. God bless those goofy bastards.

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