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Brett Favre And Brad Childress Meeting Set To Take Place At Lovely Bed & Breakfast

bed-and-breakfastThe news we’ve all been waiting for with bated breath has finally arrived: the meeting between Vikings head coach Brad Childress and Brett Favre has been set. Thank goodness. But Sportress of Blogitude has a little inside information for my tens of readers regarding exactly where said meeting will take place:

The two lovebirds will be spending a quiet (and possibly romantic) night at the Sunny Grove Bed & Breakfast in Hattiesburg, where their privacy will be assured and a relaxing atmosphere will be provided. Among the amenities:

Enjoy two suites with private baths and sitting rooms. Relax in peace on the home’s wide porches. Sunny Grove Bed and Breakfast offers antique beds, fireplaces, fishing ponds, privacy on 25 acres, hammocks, porch and lawn furniture to lounge in, Southern cooking and good ‘ole Southern hospitality.

A full breakfast is served in the dining room, which includes a refrigerator, microwave and coffee pot for your convenience. Enjoy the shady grounds and peacefulness.

Boy, that sounds really nice. Southern hospitality, even! I’m sure any differences that need to be ironed out between the two will be easily accomplished in such a tranquil, peaceful setting.

I’m so happy for those two –  I can picture them now:


I just hope Brett doesn’t forget his boner pills. Childress? I’m not too worried about him. If you recall, he’s “190 pounds of twisted steel and rompin’, stompin’ dynamite,” so I’m pretty sure he’ll have no trouble getting it up when the time is right.

Best of luck, Brad & Brett. But they don’t have a cute name for their couplehood yet – may I suggest Bradifavre? Ah, I’m sure someone much more clever than me can come up with something better.

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