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As The Mayor-Elect Of Detroit, Could Bing Be Any More Qualified?

chandler Seven-time NBA All-Star and former Detroit Piston Dave Bing was elected the mayor of the great city of Detroit Tuesday – but only through the end of 2009. That’s probably alright, because after this calendar year is finished, he may not want the job anymore.

Bing, realizing that “the real work starts now,” knows that he has a tough road ahead of him to get the much-maligned city back on track.

“What we will bring … is efficiency, transparency, honesty and integrity back to the mayor’s office.”

It appears that Bing, who scored 18,327 points and was a 44% shooter over his 12-year career, including 9 with the Pistons, will have to show the tenacity, grit and determination he showed on the court if he wants to win over the city’s citizens:

“I don’t like either one; it’s like tossing a coin. But I’ll give Bing a chance,” Bonnie Brookslee, 78, said after voting at King High School, east of downtown. “Cockrel went along too much with Kwame when he was on the council.”


Best of luck to you with that, Mr. Bing.

The mayor-elect won’t have much of an opportunity to impress the voters before they will get to have their say again – Bing has to participate in the mayoral primary in August if he wants this job to become more of a permanent gig.

And if things don’t work out, perhaps the next mayor of Detroit can be Jerome Bettis. Did you know he’s from Detroit?

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