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Some Fourth-Grader Hit A Hole-In-One; What A Little Bastard

ryan-quinnRyan Quinn, a 10-year old fourth-grader from North Hampton, New Hampshire, hit a hole-in-one on the par 3, 164-yard 17th at something called the Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club.

Ryan stepped up to the red tee box on the par-3, 164-yard 17th hole and took out his 3-wood. Both he and his father knew he hit it well and the ball kept going straight at the pin. The drive landed about eight feet from the pin and rolled into the cup for the youngster’s first hole-in-one and the first one of the season at Sagamore.

“I hit the ball and it was going right at the hole, then it rolled in,” Ryan said. “We jumped up and down yelled. I was very surprised.”

Wait. A 3-wood? Wuss.

But don’t expect such a great accomplishment to go to Ryan’s head. He’s keeping it real.

“I only called my grandma. She said that was really good news and it was awesome.”

I’m happy for the kid and everything, but he’s 10-years old, for Christ’s sake. I have been golfing for over 20 years and I have never come close to hitting a hole-in-one. Although for what it’s worth, I am a hack golfer at best. In fact, let me put it to you this way – I’m a better blogger. Frightening, huh?

The one indulgence Ryan allowed himself is he e-mailed Tiger Woods to let the best golfer in the world know about his accomplishment.

“I think he’ll respond to me, but he probably won’t come up,” Ryan said.

I hope Tiger gets back to him, but if I were that kid, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Tiger has time for two things these days: banging his former Swedish nanny wife and fine-tuning his golf game – not necessarily in that order.

Nevertheless, it’s something I’m sure he’ll remember for the rest of his life. I know I would and I’m sure it made the 120 or whatever he hit that day much easier to accept.

…while Ryan carded a 92.

Seriously? A 92? Son of a bitch! I give up.

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