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It’s Not Funny Ken’s Ass Is On Fire

ken-griffey-jr-mariners Ouch. That’s gotta hurt.

Ken Griffey, Jr. has an inflamed colon. Yep, you read that correctly.

Junior was in a surprisingly cheerful mood in the clubhouse before the game. He’s walking very stiffly, and says that he feels sore, but he didn’t seem too concerned. He said he’s had this before — while with the Reds, Griffey missed several games in April of 2007 with diverticulitis, which is the technical term for an inflamed colon — and that it “just comes and goes…Eventually, it goes away.”

Here’s to Griffey getting over his inflamed colon quickly and relatively pain-free. Perhaps he should get in touch with former Mariner Jay Buhner – he’s been around the block once or twice and will be more than happy to get to the “bottom” of the issue in no time.

And for Junior, a little Mr. Bungle to help him deal with the discomfort.

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