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Division II Football Player Signed By Vikings, Celebrates By Working Shift At Target

nick-urban Nick Urban, an offensive lineman from Winona State, a Division II school in Minnesota, didn’t expect to get drafted, but was hoping he would catch on as a rookie free agent conference with some team in the NFL. Unfortunately, that did not happen but his agent, Chris Murray, managed to get Urban an invitation to the Minnesota Vikings rookie minicamp last weekend for a tryout. Good thing his agent did, because the 6’4″, 310 pound lineman signed a contract with the Vikings on Monday.

And, like most rookies after signing their first contract, Urban was immediately seduced by the bright lights of the National Football League, so you know what he did? He went and worked his regular shift at Target. Makes sense.

“They were nice enough to take me on, knowing my situation and I owed them a lot,” Urban said of his bosses at Target, who gave him flexible, part-time hours so he could train for his shot at the NFL. “My parents raised me that way. They were nice enough to help out [at Target] and people that are nice enough to help you you don’t just leave high and dry.”

Urban’s agent found out that his client signed a contract after his wife told him after she was checked out by Urban at the Target store in Plymouth, Minnesota.

You know, with the shambles the economy is in, you just hate to see a person chase his dreams at the expense of steady paying job, but in this instance, it appears Nick Urban made the right decision. Good for him.

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