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Well This Is Odd: Elena Dementieva Defeated Mario Batali To Reach Semifinals Of Tennis Tournament


Hey, I don’t make the news, I just report on it, “report” being a very kind word for what I do, of course. But here it is: Elena Dementieva, the lovely lady pictured above, defeated Mario Batali in a grueling three set match 6-2, 4-6, 2-3 to reach the semifinals in the Stuttgart’s WTA tournament.

You know, earlier today I mentioned I had no problem with Sarah Gronert playing against women despite the fact she’s a hermaphrodite, but allowing Mario Batali on the women’s tennis tour is flat-out ridiculous. Furthermore, I doubt the Iron Chef can move around the court very well at all, so what’s the point? Have you seen the guy?


And how does he play tennis in thoes dreadful orange Crocs? It just doesn’t make sense on any level.

What’s that? (re-reads article) Ohhh, it’s Marion Bartoli. My mistake.

Damn those liquid lunches. Mark my words, that’s the last martini lunch I ever take part in. From this point forward, it’s only screwdrivers for this guy.

Dementieva, Kuznetsova in all Russia clash [AFP]