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Like Buzz Bissinger, I Wonder If Blogs Piss The Shit Out Of Andre Ethier

andre_ethierbuzz-bissinger Great write-up by ‘Duk over at Big League Stew about this whole Andre Ethier issue. For the uninitiated, the Dodgers outfielder has gone to great strides to avoid getting photographed with fans. Why? Blogs, of course.

From Diamond Notes:

The reason? Ethier fears such photos could be used against him, especially on the Internet. He also read about a basketball player last year being extorted (he forgot who it was, but he probably meant Terrell Brandon). It sounds unlikely, but Ethier noted that in tough economic times, people can get desperate.

Ethier said he didn’t think he was being paranoid. He wants to be cautious in the new information age.

“It’s all the blog things,” he said. “The Dirty (of Matt Leinart fame). The sports ones. You could be at dinner having a beer, and it could be, ‘He was drinking at 2 in the morning.’

And despite Ethier’s claims that he isn’t, his comments do make him come off incredibly paranoid. But remember, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.

Nevertheless, I guess I can see his point, but perhaps he’s taking it a bit too far. As Big League Stew points out, “[b]ut his refusal to take pictures because he’s worried he might be mocked on “SportsCenter” like Matt Leinart’s infamous hot tub photos doesn’t ring true with me. You know how you avoid controversies like that one? You just stay out of the hot tub altogether.”

While it is true that they do have the internet on computers now, Ethier shouldn’t attempt to live his life in a vacuum, avoiding all public interaction. Like it or not, Ethier’s life does play out in the public eye and by simply declining to be photographed doesn’t mean that he isn’t going to be photographed. In fact, most of the photos of professional athletes that cause a stir on the tubes usually aren’t the “Hey, would you mind taking a photo with me, dude?” Instead, they are more along the lines of, “Look at that piss-drunk cock. He has no idea what’s going on. Let me take a picture quick before he notices that I am.”

Have a heart, Ethier. I doubt the 10-year old boy who waited outside the stadium with his dad for two hours to see you because he’s your favorite player isn’t going to turn around a publish the photos on The Dirty.

Unless you’re wasted – then all bets are off.

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