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People Who Compete In Weightlifting Use Performance-Enhancing Drugs? Get Outta Here!

weightlifterWhen is the madness going to end? Two Greek weightlifters have been suspended for testing positive for a banned stimulant during the country’s national games by the Greek Weightlifting Federation.

The first two weightlifters, Giorgos Papadopoulos and Christina Filandrianou, were handed a two-year ban.

Papadopolous? Now is this the sort of example he should be setting for Webster? (Note: I cannot distinguish between reality and horrible 1980’s sitcoms – case in point: I stayed in my room and cried the night of my senior prom becauseĀ  Blair Warner never responded to my letter. It’s tough, but the medication is helping).

But fear not, weightlifting purists (if there is such a thing): Greece vows to root out all evildoers and cheaters:

The federation said it would take stricter action against drug cheats by suspending state funding for clubs whose coaches are involved in doping, and extend unannounced doping tests to include most Greek weightlifters.

To me, weightlifting is a sport that shouldn’t even bother with drug testing. Just let them take whatever they want and let the chips fall where they may. What’s the worst that could happen?

Oh. I see. Well, who cares – it’s entertainment, right?

Greek federation suspends 2 weightlifters for doping, says a 3rd has tested positive [Star Tribune/AP]