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How Can They Allow This To Happen? Don’t NBC Execs Know That Jerome Bettis Is From Detroit?

jerome-bettisThe internets are abuzz with rumors today that NBC will not renew Jerome Bettis’ contract, thereby casting the Detroit native into NFL analyst purgatory and leaving the home of Football Night In America with only 62 on-camera wonks on the payroll to annoy its viewers.

You just know NBC is chomping at the bit to hire a retired “at this time” gunslinger to fill Jerome’s large bowling shoes.

Personally, my thoughts are that NBC is getting rid of the wrong guy. If there’s any member of NBC’s NFL coverage that deserves the heave-ho, it is most definitely Tiki Barber. That smarmy douchetard deserves nothing better than a miserable existence as the “Man About Town” guy for a morning show in Topeka, Kansas where his assignments range from puff pieces on animal husbandry to visits to the Museum of Wheat Germ.

As far as Bettis is concerned, I’m pretty sure he’ll land on his feet somewhere. Wouldn’t he be great as a lane-line reporter on ESPN’s coverage of the PBA? The guy is one helluva bowler.

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