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Usually, Emulating Diego Maradona Can Only Help A Soccer Player’s Career, Not Derail It

diego_maradona Luco Baldo, an Italian player,  has been banned from playing soccer in Switzerland for two years as a result of testing positive for cocaine.

Switzerland’s Olympic committee said Wednesday the 26-year-old midfielder failed a drug test after playing for Lugano against St. Gallen in a Swiss League second-tier match on Dec. 1.

I don’t see why this will be such a big deal to Baldo – can’t he just go and play professional ball in Colombia?

Oh snap. Unfortunately for Baldo, FIFA has the authority to extend the ban worldwide if it chooses to do so. Sucks to be him.

So, for Mr. Baldo, a song from Alice in Chains that I find apropos for the situation. Enjoy, everyone.

Italian player Luca Baldo banned 2 years for positive cocaine test after Swiss League match [Star Tribune/AP]