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The Morning Bowl (April 29th): We Must (Not) Protect These Balls?


• Under Armour recalls athletic cups due to injury hazard, citing “five reports of cups breaking, including an injury involving cuts and bruising.” This is just like the time I broke a ice cold beer bottle in my underwear to keep my crotch cool. Wait, this is nothing like that at all. [Sports Biz with Darren Rovell]

• Blogger lists ten reasons why he loves whiffle ball. Preach on, brother. [The Love of Sports]

• ESPN doesn’t want you to read their headlines. No, it’s not because they suck, which they do, but for other reasons entirely. [The Sports Hernia Blog]

• Fanhouse interviews Erin Andrews – as a blogger, I am ethically obligated to mention this “news” item. [Backporch]

• Have you been wondering who won Sports Emmys but didn’t know where to turn? I got ya. Spoiler alert: Versus didn’t win any, but they said it was an honor just to be nominated. Wait, they weren’t even nominated? Nevermind. [Awful Announcing]

• Alex Ovechkin will not be turned into a Borg! You got that, Don Cherry? [Total Pro Sports]