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Sweet Merciful Crap, Here We Go Again…Brett Favre Has Been Released By The Jets


Say it ain’t so. Please? Dammit.

The New York Jets have officially released Brett Favre and removed him from the reserve/retired list, which means…

Well, it doesn’t mean shit right now – and that’s the way The Gunslinger likes it.  Basically, if Favre wants to play football again – most likely for the Vikings (he must have been impressed by Minnesota drafting Percy Harvin in the first round) – there is nothing to prevent him from doing so. No poison pill for the Jets, no ability for Green Bay to file a grievance – nothing.

Be prepared to here a lot about Favre over the coming days, weeks, months – press conferences stating there aren’t any press conferences scheduled, Brett maintaining that he is retired “as of right now” and footage of him tossing the old pigskin around with some high school players down home in Mississipi. But as Favre said himself:

“Nothing has changed. At this time, I am retired and have no intention of returning to football.”

At this time? That Brett is one wily bastard.

You know, there’s an old saying in Minnesota, I know there’s one in Green Bay, fool me once…shame – shame on me – fool me twice – – you can’t – ahhh, shit. We’re about to get fooled again by the crafty veteran. Mark my words.

He’s just having fun out there. Can we blame him?

Yes, yes we can.