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And You Thought Watching Mike Golic On “The Lighter Side Of Sports” Was Painful

40-year-old-virginNightmare fuel alert. On Wednesday morning during the “Mike & Mike In The Morning” broadcast on ESPN Radio, Mike Golic will be waxed on-air because he ” lost the ‘Bracket Wager’ challenge to co-host Mike Greenberg and now must pay the price.”

Brilliant. Now it won’t only be the listeners that will be shrieking in pain during Mike & Mike’s radio program. I suppose that’s fair.

“I really have no idea what to expect with the waxing, this is really more of Greeny’s world than mine,” Golic says. “I expect this to be the only waxing of my life, yet I do expect to scream.”


I wonder what Greenberg would have had to do if he had lost the bet. My guess it would have involved doing something really manly and unappealing to Greenberg, like having sex with his wife instead of the usual “watch some guy he met through Craigslist” do the deed.

Mike Golic To Get Waxed On Air [Awful Announcing]