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Like Airborne Agents Of Darwinism, Debris From Crash At Talladega Flies Into Crowd


AP Photo/Ron Sanders

Seven specatators were injured on Sunday after debris from Carl Edwards’ car flew into the grandstands after it went airborne and crashed into the safety fence during the final lap Sunday at the Talladega Superspeedway.

Officials said seven fans sustained non-life-threatening injuries, and an eighth fan seated in the same section of the grandstand had an undisclosed medical issue.

Dr. Bobby Lewis, Talladega’s onsite physician, said two people in the crowd were airlifted from the track to avoid the heavy traffic. One woman had a possible broken jaw.

This is why you’ll never find me at a NASCAR event – well, that and the lack of any inbreeding in my family tree.

7 NASCAR fans hurt as car flies into fence [NBC Sports]