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Dedication Of Memorial Provides Forum For Barbaro Lovers To Reveal Their Dee Mirichian Tendencies

barbaroBarbaro, the horse that achieved messiah-like status among multiple-cat owning, psychiatric medication-eschewing women all over the world after coming up lame at the Preakness three years ago, was memorialized over the weekend as a 1,500 pound bronze statue memorializing Barbaro was unveiled at Churchill Downs.

The sculpture, created by Alexa King, shows Barbaro flying down the track with all four feet off the ground as he carries Prado to glory. The statue, which has Barbaro’s ashes in the base, is placed outside a gate at the venerable track so the public can visit him at any time.

In pursuit of the Triple Crown, Barbaro pulled up before the finishing the Preakness with an injury that led to laminitis, a condition which required multiple surgeries but ultimately ended with the race horse beingĀ  euthanized.

To say that people became consumed with the failing health (and death) of Barbaro would be an understatement – message boards were swarmed by people sending personal messages and well-wishes to the horse, but perhaps no other person personified the crazy quotient of the Cult of Barbaro than Dee Mirich, a woman whose free-flowing poems about love, rainbows, halos and angels illustrated why some people shouldn’t be allowed internet access.

A sample Mirich poem:

“All Rainbows For Our Angel Horses And Angels Here.

Special Words Of The Day: All Rainbows
God’s Treasures….Here….Appearing…..God’s Divine Love……..

Barbaro (8)
With You……..

The Circle Of Love……..
His Halo Is Glowing……..
All The Colors………
No. 8……..

The Wings Of Prayer……..
Praying Hands……..
Sacred Prayers……..
Sacred Letters……..
The Wings Of Love……..
The Heart Of Love……..
The Rainbow Of Support……..
The Rainbow Of God’s Treasures……..
More Angels……..
God’s Stars……..
Shining Beautifully……..


Posted by: Dee Mirich at December 4, 2007 3:54 PM”

Beautiful, isn’t it? We haven’t heard much from Hoof Grow Dee lately, which is unfortunate, but there were at least two women on hand at Churchill Downs this weekend that are certainly disciples of Ms. Mirich’s Gospel.

First up is Catherine Kane, a woman who wasn’t even a fan of horse racing before witnessing Barbaro’s injury at the Preakness:

“I know this sounds weird, but I feel like he called to me while he was standing there waiting for help. From that minute on I have just been so bonded with him.”

Ms. Kane is not finished – she went on to add:

“I think he had some sort of spiritual or mystical presence about him. There is a lot people can learn from him. He accepted his situation and set an example human beings can follow. There’s going to be a time when we’re not healthy, we’re not as strong as we were initially. He told us to keep on going.”

Indeed he did. Equally unbalanced is one Melissa Nobles of Tallahassee, Florida, who never sends e-mails to people, but made sure she sent messages of hope to the ailing horse:

“He was almost like a person, he felt like family…I could care less for (e-mailing) people, but I made sure he got my e-mail. He was that special.”

Dee Mirich couldn’t have said it better. Well played, Catherine Kane and Melissa Nobles. Ms. Mirich would be honored to consider each of you her friend – as soon as the Lithium wears off.


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