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Win A Chance To Box Jose Canseco For Fifty Bucks

Canseco Boxes BoxingInstead of doing yardwork and checking out garage sales the weekend of May 3rd, how about hopping a flight down to Miami to get the chance to box Jose Canseco?

That’s right. On Sunday, May 3rd, “any average Joe can enter a boxing ring in Miami Dade Mall during tryouts for a chance to fight Jose Canseco.” All it costs is $50 to get the chance to impress event organizers and voila! You could be the next person to knock out Jose “The Syringe” Canseco – do you like it? I just made that up – I think it would be a great nickname, as in “I’m Jose ‘The Syringe’ Canseco, and I’m here to inject pain into my opponent – and HGH if they’re interested.”

“The Syringe” has attempted to develop his pugilistic skills in matches against former NFL player Vai Sikahema and former teen idol/reality show star, current trainwreck Danny Bondaduce. How did he fare, you ask? Uh, not so well:

Sikahema flattened Canseco in Atlantic City last July and needed just 1 minute, 37 seconds to do so. This past Jan. 24, Canseco could only muster a draw with Bonaduce – who weighed in about 80 pounds less than Canseco and who is at least a foot shorter.

It appears Canseco is not much of a Bash Brother anymore, at least as far as the Sweet Science is concerned – unless said bash involves an open bar and hitting on married women, that is.

This isn’t the first time Canseco has tried to cash in on his notoriety in the boxing ring. Last May, Canseco and promoter Damon Feldman asked prospective opponents to show why they should have the chance to square-off against Canseco in the ring via e-mail.

So, cancel those weekend plans and get down to Miami next weekend – if you have the balls to take on Canseco, that is – although having bigger balls than Canseco probably wouldn’t take much these days.

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