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Sweet Fancy Moses! After Watching This Kurt Warner Dancing Video, You’ll Cry, Cry Again


At an offensive meeting during training camp in mid-August...

Kurt: Well, I have lost complete control of the offense. Why did I let Anquan get traded to another team? I mean, we were having so much fun last season. We were winning, we were celebrating, we were dancing.

(Kurt starts dancing, Coach Whisenhunt flips out)

Kurt: What?

Coach Whisenhunt: (He shows him) This “umpf” thing.

Kurt: It’s dancing.

Coach Whisenhunt: No, no. That ain’t dancing, Sally.

Kurt: I dance fine.

Coach Whisenhunt: You stink.

What? It’s Friday, it’s a slow day and I’m worked.

Kurt Warner Knows How To Bust A Move [Total Pro Sports]