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Jimmy Smith Is “Ashamed And Humiliated” By Arrest

jimmy-smithSure, he says he’s “ashamed and humiliated”, but in layman’s terms (layman being a person who doesn’t have an agent, a top-notch defense attorney and a first-class spin team), he was really saying, “It really sucks that I got busted for having crack, marijuana and cocaine in my car. If I wouldn’t have, I’d still be using and not giving a flickity-flying fuck what anyone thought about it.”

In a prepared statement released by Premiere Sports & Entertainment (see what I mean?), Smith “said”:

“I realize that I cannot be the husband, father, son and citizen I want to be until I overcome my addiction. It is my highest priority, and will be the toughest challenge of my life, but I am going to get the help that I need to achieve a complete recovery.”

The statement goes on to say:

“I am ashamed and humiliated by my actions and I apologize for the embarrassment I have caused my family, friends and everyone in the Jacksonville community who have supported me throughout my career.”

Or, in layman’s terms once again, “I will do whatever it takes to get these charges to go away quickly and quietly and lessen the amount of time I spend in jail and/or on probation.” Isn’t it funny how every one of these statements sound exactly the same?

You know, maybe I’m being too hard on the poor guy. He obviously has a serious problem with addiction and perhaps Smith is genuine in his desire to clean-up his life and take care of his family. I don’t know that and no one else does, either. Only Jimmy Smith, the man himself, knows that. But the best thing he could have done is faced up to this personally and taken responsibility for his actions – not release a carefully-worded statement through his PR firm and/or agent.  Either way, it’s a sad, tragic story we see far too often in the sports world – where no one wins and everybody loses – including the fans who once watched him play every Sunday. But that’s just my opinion. Do with it what you wish.

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