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Wake N’ Blog For April 23rd: Dream Wedding For Couple Turned Out To Be A Totally Disnuptional Affair


NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Roundup: Boston brought out le balai in Montreal as the Bruins completed the four-game sweep of the Canadiens 4-1. What do you think of our anthem now??? America, Fuck Yeah!; the Rangers went up 3-1 in their series with the Capitals with a win by the score of 2-1 – it looks like Ovie may be headed for premature playoff extinction; and Calgary kept coming after Chicago and even their series 2-2 with a 6-4 win. [ Scoreboard]

NBA Playoffs Wrapup: the Orlando Magic held on after Dwight Howard fouled out to beat the Atlanta Hawks 96-87 to tie the series up at 1-1; the Heat evened up their series with the Hawks one game apiece as they beat Atlanta 108-93; and the Nuggets thrashed the Hornets 108-93 to go up two games to none in their series with New Orleans. [ Scoreboard]

Major League Baseball: Al Stewart (look it up) ain’t around to tell me if this is the Year of the Shutout, but I can guarantee you that there were more shutouts last night (5) than there will be in new Yankee Stadium in the next 5 seasons: Arizona 2, Colorado 0; San Francisco 1, San Diego 0; Atlanta 1, Washington 0; Cincinnati 3, Chi Cubs 0; and Kansas City 2, Cleveland 0. [ Scoreboard]

She Really Screwed The Groom After She (Allegedly) Screwed The Groom. Sandrina Purdum’s magical wedding day turned into a nightmare when guest Jennifer Angevine – who was groom Harold Purdum’s boss at the time – got up and let everyone know that she has been banging Harold and Sandrina was ruining everything. Oh yeah, now the Purdums are suing Angevine. Only in America! [AOL News]

No word on whether Angevine was also the greatest guitar player in the world. Self-taught!