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Major League Baseball Developing A Blog – Ahem – “Online Newspaper”

online-newspaperSomething called MLB Advanced Media recently announced that it is developing an ” online baseball newspaper featuring columnists, including NBC/MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann.”

Keith Olbermann? Cool! Well, that’s certainly good news. You don’t see that guy around enough anymore.

Now, hold on a second. Online? Columnists? Additional unnecessary question? I don’t know, but that sounds an awful lot like a blog to me.

I imagine Major League Baseball’s defense as to why this new venture is not a blog would sound like this:

“Okay, it’s not a, what do you call it – b-log? Never heard of it. What we are doing here is creating a “site” on the “web” that “logs” what people write on particular topics. Obviously, you can see the difference now. Also, the people writing for our ‘online newspaper’ will do so from desks in fancy office buildings and are actually intelligent, well-respected members of the media – not some pimply-faced troglodyte pecking away at a keyboard in their mother’s basement in between masturbatory sessions and inhaling Hot Pockets.”

Dammit. You got us on that one. Well played, Major League Baseball.

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