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The NCAA Finally Gets Something Right

beach_volley_girls_01Rejoice, friends, rejoice! The head honchos at the NCAA finally got their heads out of their collective asses and approved sand volleyball as a legitimate sport – and by legitimate, I mean it legitimizes erections at a college sporting event (I’ll never live down what happened at that bowling tournament – I tell ya, it was the pleat of the pants!).

The sport, known on the professional and Olympic levels as beach volleyball, will be called sand volleyball to make it more attractive to landlocked schools.

Good call, NCAA. Beaches are only possible next to oceans. Most dimwits in Middle America wouldn’t know what a beach is if you walked them down to the nearest lake, pond or river and pointed one out to them.

The approval ensures sand volleyball will be a varsity sport for the 2010-11 academic year and everyone is very excited, including CEO of AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Jason Hodell:

“We are thrilled that the NCAA has voted to make sand volleyball a collegiate sport. The vote confirms the momentum behind the sport of beach volleyball, and we are excited to help grow our sport on the college level and create new beach volleyball stars around the country.”

Heh-heh. Grow our sport, confirm momentum behind, college level…wait. What?

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