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The New Unis Will Show A Lot Of Promise The First Few Years But Will Eventually Just Become Another Overrated Jersey


So, the Jacksonville Jaguars got themselves some new fancy uniforms – makes sense for a team that has been in the NFL for LESS THAN 20 YEARS. Yeah, things were certainly getting a little stale down in Florida. Time to change some shit up.

You know, the whole new uniform bit has got to stop. We all know the only reason teams in professional sports do this is to coerce their fanbase into investing in some new merchandise lest they be labeled “not a diehard” fan. It’s not to “re-energize the franchise” or “put a new spin” or “change direction.” It’s all a bunch of bullshit.

Believe me, as a Vikings fan, I know. The most recent uniform redesign in 2006 is a total abortion of a football uniform. They look like a goddamn World League team, for Christ’s sake.

Here’s a tip to NFL teams -sometimes, it’s best to just leave things the way the way they are – most people respect the tradition as well as enjoy the history of the National Football League. Stop fucking shit up.

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