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Stuff To Tune Into And Zone Out On For April 22nd


NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: Things kick-off with Game 4 between the Washington Capitals and the New York Rangers (7:00 EST) and conclude with another Game 4 – Chicago Blackhawks at Calgary Flames (10:00 EST) [Versus]

NBA Playoffs: Miami Heat at Atlanta Hawks (8:00 EST) and New Orleans Hornets at Denver Nuggets (10:30 EST). [TNT]

Major League Baseball: Mets at Cardinals [ESPN, 8:00 EST]

Shit You Shouldn’t Watch But Might: American Idol – seriously, fuck this show. [Fox, 9:00 EST]

Shit You Should Watch And Then Change The Channel Before American Idol: Lie to Me – I have really developed a liking for this show, but I would watch Tim Roth read the phone book. [Fox, 8:00 EST]