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Eagles Cheerleaders Something Something Tryouts Something Something

eagles-cheerleadersThe Philadelphia Eagles held the final round of cheerleader tryouts in front of a sold-out crowd at the Prince Music Theater where it will be decided who of the 60 talented performers who auditioned last night will be selected to fill out the 38 roster spots available on the squad.

But who made it? Sorry, you’ll have to be patient, keep it in your pants and temporarily avoid the restraining order for a little while longer.

This morning, 13 newcomers and 25 returnees got the good news. They’ll convene for the first time Thursday night – to sign their contracts. But the official unveiling will happen Saturday afternoon during the Eagles’ draft day party at Lincoln Financial Field.

But that’s (counts on fingers)…(breaks out abacus)…

…three days away!

Don’t worry, I have another photo after the jump. Oh, and a slideshow from last evening’s event can be found here.


Once the official unveiling of the squad on Saturday is complete, a whirlwind of activity follows, beginning with Eco-Sexy Swimsuit Calendar photo shoot in Aruba. And guess what? We’re all invited!

This year, for the first time, fans can join the trip, staying in the same hotel, even taking part in beach volleyball and flag football games with cheerleaders. (For details, go to, click “Cheerleaders,” and look for the Aruba promo.)

Yeah, this idea isn’t fraught with potential for awkwardness, arrests and possible abductions. Disagree? Does the name Natalee Holloway ring a bell? No? I guess I can see that – her mother probably doesn’t even remember her name at this point.

Moving on, the judges for this event consisted of a rag tag bunch of local celebrities, but the Eagles pulled out the big guns and invited Marshall Faulk and Deion Sanders to the event, pictured below hard at work:


Wow, the look of concentration on Deion’s face is pure gold. I’m sure he hasn’t had to think this hard since he had to help Michael Irvin dispose of that hooker’s body. You know, the one Nate Newton sat on.

E-A-G-L-E-S hold final showdown for new cheerleaders []