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What A Bunch Of Bloody Wankers! Officials Confirm There Will Be Drug Tests At The British Open

trainspotting-toiletDrug testing will take place at the British Open for the first time ever this year when the oldest golf major makes its way to Turnberry Golf Course in South Ayrshire,  Scotland this summer on July 16th. According to Peter Dawson, the chief executive of Royal & Ancient:

“The players are already well accustomed to drug testing and will look at this as just another week on tour…we will be using the European Tour’s anti-doping procedures which are well tried and tested. The Royal & Ancient thoroughly supports the anti-doping policies at golf events.”

Oh, I see. They’re only testing the players. Whew – I was worried there for a moment. In case you didn’t know, you never want to get in between a Scot and his smack. Some lessons like that shouldn’t have to be learned the hard way.

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