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Tim Cowlishaw, Like Most Panelists On Around The Horn, Doesn’t Know What The Hell He’s Talking About

aroundthehorn If there is one sure-fire way to encourage debate and get anonymous internet trolls worked up into a lather (apparently, myself included), the first thing that comes to mind is an arbitrarily-selected 64 “team” March Madness-style bracket. Have you always wondered how chicken would stack up against pheasant in a mano-a-mano showdown? There’s a meat bracket for you.

Let’s put it this way, if it is possible to come up with 64 somewhat-related things, be they teams, personalities, pop culture references, etc., someone has made a bracket and held a tournament to determine who/what reigns supreme.

A couple of years ago, someone with far too much time on their hands came up with a tournament to determine who was the best Deadspin commenter – although that one didn’t turn out so well due to voting irregularities, among other reasons.

This brings us to Tim Cowlishaw, frequent foil for the Jay Marriottis and Woody Paiges of the world during his appearances on ESPN’s Around the Horn. He has decided to draw up a bracket to deterimine who is the best quarterback of the Super Bowl era. Apparently, his “Radiohead Song” bracket was a smashing success during March Madness so he decided to give this idea a whirl.

As you would expect, the usual suspects are present (Johnny Unitas, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana and Peyton Manning are the number 1 seeds), as well as some “wildcards” – guys who may never have won a Super Bowl (or played in one), but have the career numbers that prove they belong in the discussion.

Then there are some odd selections, including Neil Lomax, Matt Hasselbeck and Jeff Garcia,  but one in particular really sticks in my craw:

Tony frickin’ Romo.

Seriously? He of the two playoff appearances (both first-round playoff defeats) and no postseason berth last season despite the fact that the Dallas Cowboys were regarded as a preseason Super Bowl favorite is, at least in Cowlishaw’s mind, worthy of consideration as the best Super Bowl era quarterback along with the likes of Theismann, Plunkett and Marino? Sorry, I think not.

Granted, Cowlishaw writes for The Dallas Morning News, so some homerism was bound to be in play (take Danny White’s inclusion as a #11 seed, for instance), but Tony “I Date Chunky Has-Beens But Display That ‘Aw Shucks’ Attitude That Endears Me To Brett Favre Ballslurpers Everywhere” Romo? I have seen great quarterbacks in my life, and Tony Romo, you sir are no great quarterback. At least not yet, if ever.

Epic fail on Cowlishaw’s part for that one. Maybe Reali will show some balls today on Around the Horn and take him to task on that one. I wouldn’t hold my breath, but you never know.

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