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Radio Host From Boston Causes Controversy And It Has Nothing To Do With “Nappy Headed Hos”

kevin-karlson Kevin Karlson, the handsome devil on the left in photo, the morning drive host for WZLX-FM (Boston’s “”Classic Rock” station – you want Aerosmith and Journey every hour, on the hour, you got it!), caused a bomb scare at the Boston Marathon yesterday when he inadvertently left his briefcase sitting next to his car.

“I dropped it there after the show because I wanted to go to the street to high-five the runners coming by,” the morning man told the Track. “Then there was talk of a bomb scare, and I look over and see two cops and the bar’s owner standing by my case.”

Karlson & McKenzie, the “Dingo & The Baby” of Boston radio, whose program page on WZLX’s website features such zany bits as “K & M’s Senior Class Photo of the Day” and “Separated at Birth” (Miley Cyrus and a Furbee? Genius!), were broadcasting from TJ’s Pub for the marathon when the trouble arose. I find it surprising that neither of them ran in the race – being so svelte and all – sometimes career comes before hobbies, I reckon.

So, what was in the briefcase, you ask? (No, not crackers, Seinfeldians)

The, ah, vintage valise, Karlson told the cops, was filled with “old scraps of paper with bad jokes, two highlighters, a couple of memos and maybe some cookies. I’m a radio guy. What do I have?”

Obviously, not a low cholesterol count. Maybe some cookies? I’m not buying it. There probably was a dozen Krispy Kremes and a ham hock.

The story has a happy ending – the bomb scare was called off and no one was taken into custody and officials didn’t even bother to look in Karlson’s now-notorious briefcase, much to his relief.

I was pretty embarrassed to open it anyway. But, hey, I understand their concern, being that we were 15 feet away from the road with 20,000 runners passing through.”

A face for radio and the brain for the obvious. A very nice combination, indeed.

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