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Tragedy At The Ball Field: Man Is Brain Dead After Getting Struck By Softball

large_softballtiA 24-year old man has been declared brain dead as a result of a bizarre accident during a softball game.

Teammates say 24-year-old Alberto Naranjo of Elkhart was sliding into home plate during a game Saturday morning when a throw struck him below his left ear. He started to get up, but collapsed.

Yikes. Talk about a horrible story. But I always thought being partially brain dead was a requirement to join a men’s softball league, so it wasn’t too big of a leap.

Thoughts and best wishes to the entire Naranja family as they deal with this horrible tragedy.

Oh, it’s Naranjo? Sorry, Naranja is Spainsh for orange. Think about that – the guy’s name sounded like a fruit and now he’s a vegetable.

And yes, I am well-aware that I will be going to hell for this post.

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