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Say It Ain’t So! The Los Angeles Avengers Are Arena Football League’s Latest Casuality

avenger-logo Sometimes, being a blogger isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. There are occasions when you have to be the bearer of bad news to the tens of readers who visit your site weekly. Today is such a day.

The Los Angeles Avengers are no more. They’re gone. Kaput. Finished. And they’re not coming back, no matter how much you sob and beg and plead. It’s over. Deal with it.

“The entire Avengers organization extends heartfelt thanks to the fans who cheered on their team,” the team announced in a statement on its Web site, “It was their faithful support that kept the Avengers vibrant and energized for nearly a decade.”

When are people going to learn that professional football cannot surive in Los Angeles? Nevertheless, this must be devastating news for the Avengers faithful – all fifty of them. At least they still have the Los Angeles Sparks to ease their suffering.

I’m choosing to blame this one on Jon Bon Jovi, part-owner of the AFL’s Phildelphia Soul franchise, which is nothing new for me – I blame him for everything. You can say what you want, Mr. Bon Jovi. You may have indeed seen my face, but you have most assuredly not “rocked” me, jerk.

So, a somber farewell goes out to the Los Angeles Avengers, we barely knew ye. Seriously, I have never heard of them until I wrote this. I guess at least we will always have the cheerleaders. That’s a good thing.

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