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Roger Millions Is Now The Bert Blyleven Of NHL Broadcasting

roger_millionsRoger Millions, a reporter for Rogers Sportsnet up Canada way, has a little difficulty with his report on the Calgary Flames/Chicago Blackhawks matchup outside of United Center and in his frustration says “cocksucker” on the air. (NSFW videos after the jump)

You have to feel bad for Millions, who probably feels like he ain’t worth a dollar after this gaffe. It’s not very often you see a reporter go down and bust out a cocksucker move like that on live television. Nor should you want to.

Millions shouldn’t be too worried about losing his job, at least at this point. Canadians are well-known for their capacity for forgiveness. Minnesota Twins television analyst Bert Byleven dropped f-bombs all over the place on a broadcast years ago and he is still employed and bitching about not being in the Hall of Fame to this day.

I checked out Roger’s bio on and I believe I may have discovered how something like this could have happened:

Special interests/hobbies: Wine-making…it takes my mind off life’s little pressures … plus I don’t mind the sampling at the end of the day!

My guess is that Roger could use a little of the sauce to take his mind off of this situation. The secret is not sampling before coming into work.

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