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George Steinbrenner Calls New Yankee Stadium “Beautiful”, Shits Pants

Yankees vs. IndiansMaking a rare public appearance, The Boss showed up for the opening of the new Yankee Stadium on Thursday and I have to tell you, he looks terrible.

Before Steinbrenner’s health began deteriorating, he was always eager to entertain the media, but Thursday reporters from print, television and Internet outlets were ordered by Stadium security into stairwells and a conference room while Steinbrenner’s cart drove past. A reporter shouted, “What do you think of the Stadium?” and Steinbrenner turned and replied, “It’s beautiful.”

No word on whether or not Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman were driving the cart.

Jessica Steinbrenner, pictured above with her father, was also on hand. She’s, how do you say it, a handsome woman?

Oh. Homely. Gotcha.

Steinbrenner doesn’t say much, but calls new Yankee Stadium ‘beautiful’ [New York Daily News]