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Woody Paige Confirms In His Current Mailbag Column What We Have All Long Suspected


Most people neglect to remember that Woody Paige was once only known as a columnist for the Denver Post. Now, due to frequent train wreck-like appearances on ESPN, including his regular spot on Around the Horn as well as his long-ago (but not forgotten) sexual harassment lawsuit-fueled time on the World Wide Leader’s Cold Pizza; Paige has become more of a sideshow freak and the poster boy for Borderline Personality Disorder than respected print journalist. I may reveal myself to be in the minority when I admit that I actually enjoy his shtick – it’s irreverent and he always seems keen to the fact that his histrionic antics are regarded as lowest common denominator, Grade A buffoonery – and he could care less. I respect that.

It may come as surprise to many, but Paige still writes quite a bit for the Denver Post. And one of his frequent bits are his “Woody’s Mailbag” columns. In today’s mailbag column, Paige drops the bomb as to how he ended up the way he is:

To all those detractor trailers who write that I know almost nothing, you’re right. I was dropped on my head as a small child. That’s my excuse. What’s yours?

Finally, we know why. And knowing is half the battle.

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