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One Day, I Hope S.O.B. Gets Mentioned On ESPN’s “Blog Buzz” – Then People Will Be Forced To Respect Me

sporting-blog-1Scratch that. I don’t want to give up my “indie blogger cred”, if you catch my drift. Without it and the perspective it affords me, those 10-15 daily page views S.O.B. gets would be trivialized. It’s like, they wouldn’t even matter anymore – I would just get caught up in the corporate machine, man – and I’m not digging on that, dude.

Nevertheless, great stuff from The Sporting Blog on ESPN’s “Blog Buzz” segment, which should have been aborted during the first trimester of its gestation.

Quoted from the Sports Business Journal in the The Sporting Blog’s post:

A new feature called “Blog Buzz” launches this morning on “SportsCenter,” giving independent bloggers a voice on ESPN programming for the first time. Blog Buzz, provided by Sports Media Challenge’s Buzz Manager, will supply to “SportsCenter” the top five sports issues being discussed each day in the blogosphere, as well as pull quotes from some of the posts.

Thanks, ESPN. I wasn’t sure what blogs I wanted to read without your guiding forceful hand leading dragging me along the way.

To make matters worse, as The Sporting Blog astutely points out, ESPN’s definition of “independent bloggers” needs some fine-tuning. The selected “independent bloggers” were the Sun Sentinel and’s NFC West Blogger Mike Sando.

If these are examples of independent bloggers, Sportress of Blogitude must be considered so independent that  it has been sucked through a blogging wormhole and resides in a parallel internet reality that is so distorted from our perceptions of the blogosphere that “mainstream” is a construct that can neither be defined nor quantified.

But I still have one question: is Blog Buzz “now”? I wish someone would tell me, or at least acknowledge my existence. It’s so cold and dark in the Bizzaro Blog World.

I’m going to have to go listen to Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.” Only that could help me understand my alienation.

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