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News That Olympian Shawn Johnson Won Sullivan Award Sure To Excite Amateur Stalkers Across The Country

shawn-johnsonp1Shawn Johnson, gymnast, contestant on Dancing With The Stars and the desired object of obsessive pedophile psychopaths the world around, received the Sullivan Award yesterday, which recognizes her for her achievements at the Olympics in Beijing last summer. The Sullivan Award, which is given out to the nation’s top amateur athlete, has never been bestowed upon a female gymnast.

“Being up there with all the other athletes and just hearing all the titles they kept listing off, I was like, ‘There’s no way.’ Then when they called my name. It’s the biggest honor there is. To be the first female gymnast, it’s just amazing. I’m so excited.”

As she should be. Johnson even beat out North Carolina’s Tyler Hansbrough for the award. Obviously, the voters felt Johnson’s achievements were just much more gritty and that she displayed a greater dedication to hard work and effort than Pscyho T showed over the past year.

Johnson, along with her partner Mark Ballas, are currently tied for third on Dancing With The Stars (no, I’ve never seen the show – why do you ask?), was asked how she is enjoying the different style of competition found on the ABC hit:

“I’m loving every minute of it,” Johnson said, even if the 3-inch heels she has to wear are a little painful.

Did Shawn just bust out a Loverboy lyric for her answer? Well played. Well played indeed.

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