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Eli Manning Likes Receivers Who Know How To Hold On To His Balls

elimanning1You can try all you want, you’re not going to get many things past Eli Manning. The guy is as sharp as a friggin’ tack. Although, tacks aren’t really sharp when you think about it –  they’re more pointy than anything. I guess I really don’t know how sharp Eli Manning is – people often say I rely too heavily on idioms – but I always tell them not to count their chickens before they hatch. I have the response to that accusation down pat.

Anyway, if there’s one thing Eli Manning understands, it’s football. For instance, he knows that you can’t complete a pass unless there is someone there to catch them:

“That’s what you want, a guy who can catch the ball and make big plays and get in the end zone.”

He was responding to a question regarding Braylon Edwards, but you can tell his Football IQ is off the charts if he can rattle off an answer like that off the cuff.

That’s the sort of benefits one gets from being born into football royalty. Myself, I would have guessed having a guy who could catch the ball would be far less important. I suppose that’s why he’s a millionaire quarterback and I’m eating dry ramen packets.