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The Morning Bowl (April 14th): Tom Brady Is A Dirtbag? Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?


• Breaking News: Bleacher Report writer David Xaviel has the courage to finally write what everyone has always thought: Tom Brady is a miserable piece of shit. [Bleacher Report]

• Today must be the day for athlete reality shows: Chris Cooley has one now: “The Cooley Zone.” Meh. I would have went with “Cooleyhigh Harmony.” (BoyzIIMen, ABC, BBD, the East Coast Family) [Mr. Irrelevant]

Headline: Cuff ‘Em: Two-Timing Math Teacher Naked As Teen Lover Killed By Other Boy Toy. Confused? The estimable  J Koot explains. [Busted Coverage]

• Chris Chase breaks down the NFL schedule and gives you his picks for the five worst prime-time games next season. Interesting note: not all of the games involve Tony Kornheiser in the booth for them. Hmm. [Shutdown Corner]