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Michael Vick Is Interested In Starring In His Own Reality Show

dog_eat_dog_400x300From the “Who Are The Ad Wizards Who Came Up With This One?” department comes the news that Michael Vick, in an effort to defray the costs of his legal fees, “has talked to producers about launching an unscripted program.”

Someone quoted in the article has already beaten every wisenheimer to the punch by saying, “It sure won’t be Animal Planet.” BOO-YAH, anonymous source!

The plan is to have the reality show begin on July 20th, which is the day Vick is scheduled to be released and the format would help him “make amends for his past.”

Yeah, make amends, make bank – same difference.

This would not be the first time that someone tried to parlay notoriety in the criminal justice system into notoriety in the reality show genre.

Producer Mark Burnett locked up Martha Stewart for a version of “The Apprentice” and her daytime talk show “Martha” before she was released from federal prison in 2005. There also have been pre-prison countdown reality shows, including Lil Kim’s “Countdown to Lockdown” on BET in 2006 and T.I.’s “Road to Redemption” this year on MTV.

Vick’s attorney informed a judge at a bankruptcy hearing that Vick has agreed to a deal that will pay him $600,000. Not a bad amount of scratch to be sure, but certainly not as much as he could make if he can fight, gnash and bite his way back into the National Football League.

In the interim, a reality show seems like a nice start for Vick. But what kind of show should it be? Documentary-style seems to be the direction to go, but what about other formats? Here are a few suggestions:

Deadliest Catch Featuring Michael Vick: the former phenom QB takes a blue-collar job as a dog catcher. It’s topical and relevant.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 and Michael Vick:  After his prison sentence, Vick might be the only man able to put up with Kate’s shit.

Who Wants To Marry a (Former) Multi-Millionaire? Self-explanatory.

The Weakest Link: Michael Vick and an angry Pit Bull share a small enclosure. The only thing that separates them is the dog is tied to a post by a chain with questionable structural integrity.

Vick’s Eye for the Incarcerated Guy: Vick assists new inmates in decorating their cells, making the most out of their standard issue wardrobe and whipping up that perfect meal out of prison food to attract that special someone.

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