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Five Dumbasses Busted Trying To Steal Stuff Out Of Lincoln Financial Field


Do you know those ideas that you come up with your buddies after a night out drinking? They always seem brilliant in their simplicity at the time but rarely do you ever act upon them. That’s a good thing.

Too bad that little mechanism that most of us have in our brains that tells us we’re better off not going through with such foolish activities must not have been functioning properly in the minds of five Villanova students who were arrested outside of Lincoln Financial Field early this morning for breaking into the stadium and attempting to steal a seat and a five foot sign from a souvenir stand.

inquirer-photo-2And the master criminals are:

Charged with criminal conspiracy, burglary, criminal trespass, theft and other charges are William Clarke, 19, of Short Hills, N.J.; Taylor Halstead, 19, of Manchester, Mass.; Dylan Carroll, 18, of Pelham, N.Y.; Mack Ioannidis, 18, of Brookhaven, Pa.; and Daniel Papa, 18, of Andover, Md.

So all of this for a seat and some sort of sign. Not a very bright idea, to say the least. But how did they get in?

Next to the seat, a metal-pipe barricade leaned up against a wall – suggesting the perps used it to climb inside.

Well, you have to give them credit for their McGyver-like utilization of what was available to them, especially in their drunken state, right?

The five arrested appeared to be sober…

What the fungus? They weren’t even drunk! What gives?

The BMW has Jersey tags…

And we have ourselves a winner! Thanks for playing and great job, fellas.

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