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Apparently, Fans Of The Calgary Flames and Phoenix Coyotes Go Together About As Well As Fire and…Prairie Wolfs?


Busted Coverage has unearthed video of a Calgary Flames fan sucker-punching a Phoenix Coyotes fan. Oh, and the Coyotes fan was being restrained in a headlock by a security guard during said punching. I guess Todd Bertuzzi’s sphere of influence on the Flames organization spreads beyond Calgary’s locker room.

Helluva cheap shot though. It reminds me of what my grandfather always said, “If you have a chance at a cheap shot, you take it.”

I should point out that my grandfather was a stinking drunk and he was referring to dressing up as a woman for Ladies’ Nights at bars. Come to think of it, I don’t remember ever seeing my grandfather not dressed in drag. Maybe it was my grandmother, but that would mean by grandmother fought in World War II. Nothing makes sense anymore.

The point remains valid, though.

Video of the melee (in 4 parts!) after the jump. There is no sound but it is expertly narrated. It’s like a moving comic book!

Note: Part 4 is when the money shot takes place, so skip forward to that one if you’re the type of person that has no patience, which I should point out is much different than a gynecologist with cold hands – he has no patients! Ha!

Thinking more about the title reminded me of the Native American story of how the coyote stole flame from the Fire Beings for mankind. Coincidence? I think not. Crazy stuff, man.

Video: Rich, First-Row NHL Fans Won’t Throw Punches…Wrong! [Busted Coverage]
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