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Will Oscar De La Hoya Choose An Oscar De La Renta Gown For The ESPYs? Maybe Today We’ll Find Out

oscar_dragToday is the day we have all been waiting for – will he or won’t he?

No, we’re not referring to anything transvestite-related (although that would be much more interesting) –  news on whether Oscar De La Hoya will formally retire from professional boxing could come as early as today, according to published reports.

The Golden Boy, now 36 years old and already established as one of the great fighters of his era (39-6, 30 knockouts), apparently informed “his former trainer Freddie Roach in the seconds after his lopsided defeat at the hands of Manny Pacquiao in December: ‘You were right, Freddie, I don’t have it anymore.'”

I would like to go further and expand on this story but I fear the wrath of De La Hoya’s business partner Richard Schaefer, who wants everyone to just chill out on the rampant speculation surrounding the future of his partner’s career:

“Anyone who writes a story saying he’s retiring — or that he’s fighting again — does so at his own risk. This is going to be Oscar’s day.”

Does so at his own risk? So speculating on Oscar’s impending retirement is like smoking? That seems a bit strange. You know,  I’ve never seen a Surgeon General’s warning on any blog. Maybe there should be:

Warning: Not Everything You Read On The Internet Is True. Reading Blogs and Taking What Is Written On Them As Fact Can Be Hazardous To Your Mental Health.

There. I feel so much better now, although the above statement would carry more weight if C. Everett Koop said it instead of lowly old me – you know, like how he endorses those Life Alert bracelets. That guy could sell a ketchup popsicle to someone who doesn’t like ketchup or popsicles, and just so you know, that ain’t easy.

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