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We’re Talkin’ About Blackjack – Iverson Banned From Two Detroit Area Casinos

allen-iversonAllen Iverson can’t seem to catch a break these days. First he gets traded to the Detroit Pistons from the Denver Nuggets for Chauncey Billups and Denver goes on a tear and is currently sitting as the second seed in the Western Conference. Detroit, on the other hand, underachieved all season, barely sneaking into the playoffs as the eight seed in the Eastern Conference as Iverson dealt with injuries and “attempted” to adjust to coming off the bench for the Pistons, utlimately leading to Iverson not playing out the remainder of the season. Now this.

Iverson, though, has been banned mostly for his boorish behavior. He is a bad loser, and he loses a lot, often throwing his chips or cards at the dealer. He has been warned about improper behavior at the tables repeatedly. He is often loud and disruptive, according to witnesses, rude to dealers, other players and the wait staff.

Allen Iverson is a bad loser? I find that hard to believe. It’s not that he’s a sore loser, he’s simply the ultimate competitor and hates to lose. When he throws chips or cards at a dealer, he is only displaying his intensity. People often confuse “boorish” and “rude” with “dedication” and “heart.” It’s not his fault the employees of the casino fail to realize this.

Don’t worry, A.I., I got your back on this one. Some people just don’t understand how hard it is to be you. You would kill to be starting and playing 35-40 minutes a game, but it’s that gosh-darn back injury holding you back, not your refusal to come off the bench. Some players don’t know when to quit, others just quit. Which one is Allen Iverson?

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