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Playoff Simulation On NHL ’09 Video Game Results In The Bruins Winning Lord Stanley’s Cup

nhl_09_01The curse that has plagued Boston teams for far too long is finally over. According to an EA Sports simulation of the Stanley Cup Playoffs on NHL ’09, the Boston Bruins will soon be crowned Stanley Cup Champions, ending a horrible drought of no titles for the once championship drunk city of Boston. It has been nearly 3 days, you know.

The Boston Bruins last Stanley Cup came 37 years ago, so it is due time for them to finally win one.

The simulation saw the Bruins advance to the final — their first since 1990 — by beating the Montreal Canadiens in six games in the opening round, upending the Carolina Hurricanes in six games in round two and edging the Washington Capitals in seven games in a thrilling Eastern Conference final.

Boston’s Stanley Cup Finals opponent, according to NHL ’09, will be the Chicago Blackhawks, who, if everything holds true, would be appearing in their first Stanley Cup Final since 1992. Good on you, Chicago Blackhawks.

I hate to be argumentative, but my simulation went completely different than theirs. When I simulated the playoffs on NHL ’95, the Hartford Whalers beat the Winnipeg Jets in a thrilling 7 game series. The only problem was due to some technical glitch on my game, I couldn’t simulate the Columbus Blue Jackets/Detroit Red Wings series or the Carolina Hurricanes/New Jersey Devils series. In fact, part of the memory of the game must have been erased because I couldn’t even select the Blue Jackets or the Hurricanes. Is anybody else having this problem with their NHL ’95 or is it just me?

Perhaps I should write EA Sports a sternly-written letter informing them of this issue and fax it to them, because if you want someone to know you’re serious, you fax. I don’t trust this “electronic mail” everybody has been raving about lately. Sounds made up to me.

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