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NHL.Com Guest Bloggers: Loosely Defining “Celebrity” Since 2007

bagelbitePuck Daddy touched on this briefly Monday in his afternoon “Puck Headlines”, when he mentioned that has hand-picked and provided a forum for Tori Spelling and her husband to blog about the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Brilliant idea, of course – who doesn’t want to know what Donna thinks about hockey?

I couldn’t believe this was the best that the NHL could come up with, so I went and checked out who else has “celebrity” blogging for them and have graded each one insofar as their celebrity status is concerned.

jessica-roseJessica Rose:  Probably best remembered as “lonleygirl15” of YouTube notoriety who is “an avid Anaheim Ducks fan who is thrilled to be chronicling the Ducks journey as they quest for the Cup.”

Grade: B. Although an appearance in a nude scene would have definitely bumped her up to an A.

bill-burrBill Burr: “…a Boston-bred comedian who first gained notoriety for his recurring role on the second season of Chappelle’s Show. Bill recently starred and performed in comedy specials that have aired on BET, Comedy Central and HBO. Bill is excited to follow his hometown Boston Bruins’ quest for the Stanley Cup.

Grade: B. Pretty funny guy and is fairly well-known as a comedian. His posts should at least be humorous.

david_boreanazDavid Boreanaz: “…returns to as a blogger for the third straight year.  David currently stars as Agent Seeley Booth in the hit Fox show Bones.  David is looking forward to chronicling the Philadelphia Flyers on their quest for the Stanley Cup.”

Grade: A. Solid celebrity. Hit television show, was on Buffy and any guy that gets to work with one of the Deschanel sisters is alright with me.

colin-fergusonColin Ferguson: “will be following his hometown Montreal Canadiens throughout their Playoff journey. Colin currently stars as Sheriff Jack Carter in the hit Sci Fi Channel dramedy Eureka. Colin currently resides in California where he frequently joins his friends in weekly hockey games.

Grade: F. No idea who he is or what he does.

tori-spelling-galTori Spelling and Dean McDermott: “…will root for the Calgary Flames in their bid to win their second Stanley Cup. The famous Hollywood couple is best known for their hit Oxygen reality series, Tori & Dean. Dean is a big hockey fan and the duo enjoys taking their young son, Liam, to hockey games whenever their schedules allow.”

Grade: F. Who gives a flying fuck what these two think about anything.

thorsten-kayeThorsten Kaye: “…currently plays wealthy casino owner, Zach Slater, in ABC’s daytime drama, All My Children. For that role, he received a Daytime Emmy nomination for “Outstanding Lead Actor” in 2006. He has also appeared in films, The Silencers, Deadly Desire, and The Bone Collector. An avid rugby and hockey fan, Kaye will chronicle the Detroit Red Wings run chase for the Stanley Cup”

Grade: F. That bio took longer to read than the amount of time I would watch something with him in it.

fichtnerwilliamWilliam Fichtner: “…is an actor widely known for his recurring role as FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone on the FOX drama Prison Break. William has worked non-stop since his 1987 acting debut, appearing in comedic and dramatic roles on TV and in feature films, including The Dark Knight, Blades of Glory, The Longest Yard, Heat and Armageddon. William is an avid hockey fan and will be following the Anaheim Ducks throughout Playoffs.”

Grade: A. Solid pick here. Great character actor, distinguished career.

syd-butlerSyd Butler: “…is the bassist for Les Savy Fav, a New York-based band considered widely regarded as the godfathers of the independent rock music scene. Butler founded the Frenchkiss Records label, with the intent to release the band’s albums, and has since signed more than 35 bands, including the Hold Steady, Thunderbirds Are Now and the Dodos. Syd has rooted for his hometown Washington Capitals since he was a young boy.

Grade: B+. I would have given him an “A” but I am slightly concerned that, his label signing the Hold Steady notwithstanding,  he green-lighted a bio that stated his band is “widely regarded as the godfathers of the independent rock music scene”, when their first album came out in 1997.  I’m pretty sure there was indie rock around before these guys came along.

teddy-searsTeddy Sears: “…is best known for his roles on One Life to Live and TNT’s Raising the Bar, where he currently portrays legal defender, Richard Patrick Woolsley IV.”

Grade: F. Another soap star? Is there some mysterious cross-section of people that enjoy soaps and hockey? Or is Gary Bettman a closet fan that spends his days obsessively watching soap operas?

jason-reitmanJason Reitman: “Academy Award-nominated film director, writer and producer Jason Reitman will follow the Vancouver Canucks throughout Playoffs. A diehard Canucks fan, Jason is best known for his directorial debut, Thank You for Smoking and Best Picture nominee, Juno. He is currently on location in St. Louis directing Up in the Air, a feature film which he wrote and stars George Clooney.”

Grade: A+. No problems whatsoever with this one. Superb pick.

Overall Grades for Celebrity Bloggers on A somewhat respectable 2.13 – right in that meaty part of the curve – not showing off, not falling behind.

Readers, if you could have any celebrity blog for, who would they be and why? Lemme know.

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