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Emmitt Smith and Deion Sanders Are On A Committee Together? Expect Big Things, Confusing Speeches, Flashy Suits


Bigwigs from the Dallas area have formed a committee whose goal is to convince the College Football Hall of Fame to move from its current location in South Bend, Indiana to the much flashier Dallas area.

The Dallas committee committed to attracting the College Football Hall of Fame includes [Dallas Mayor] Leppert, [Roger] Staubach, Sanders, former Dallas Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith, billionaire oilman T. Boone Pickens, TM Advertising president Tom Hansen and DowntownDallas president and chief executive John Crawford.

Sure, mayors and billionaire oilmen are great, but if they want to convince those in charge of the College Football Hall of Fame to come to Dallas, they would be wise to let Emmitt and Deion do the talking. Listening to those two pontificate on the benefits of the Dallas area would be like listening to Stupid in Stereo.

Unfortunately, it appears it may be a tough sell, so says Steve Hatchell, president and chief executive of the Hall of Fame:

“We’re flattered by the interest. But we have a nice home in South Bend, and we’re preparing for this year’s induction ceremonies.”

Obviously, Mr. Hatchell has never been to any parties like those once hosted at the notorious White House. Speaking of which, why isn’t Michael Irvin involved? One would think that would seal the deal for sure.

C’mon, Cowboys, show him how you party, Dallas-style. If all of the coke won’t convince him, the whores most certainly will.

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