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The Morning Bowl (April 13th): Hasn’t Maude Flanders’ Death Taught Us Anything?


• Brazilian soccer coach losing it, knocking over an opposing player and punching a ref. Ah, the beautiful game truly does inspire the best in all of us. [Off The Post]

• Some guy eats a seven and a half pound burger in seven minutes and fifteen seconds at the Kooky Canuck restaurant in Memphis. Only in America! [Yardbarker]

• Steve Phillips is forced to apologize to Cubs manager Lou Pinella on a radio show for making an idiotic comment criticizing Pinella’s use of Kosuke Fukudome. If Phillips decides to apologize for every moronic comment he has made, we’re going to be here awhile. No fake press conference featuring Phillips has been scheduled but I am holding out hope Steve Phillips will interview Steve Phillips regarding the incident soon. [Awful Announcing]


• Finally, litigous-happy Indiana man decides to sue the Chicago White Sox for alleged injuries he suffered during a struggle amongst fans after a t-shirt was fired into the crowd out of one of those cannon jibber jobbers. Not surprisingly, White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen will call him a homo. [Pantagraph via FanIQ]