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No One Speaks Poorly Of Woodland, California And Gets Away With It – Especially That Punk Dustin Pedroia


Forty-seven year old Kenneth Samuels of Woodland, California has been arrested for allegedly making death threats on Red Sox player Dustin Pedroia and members of his family.

The Woodland Democrat reported that 47-year-old Kenneth Samuels allegedly made multiple phone calls to the Pedroia family business and threatened to shoot and kill the men of the Pedroia family. Those calls were traced and Samuels was subsequently arrested. The reason why Samuels allegedly threatened the Pedroias was not stated by the Woodland police.

Pedroia caused quite a stir in the picturesque hamlet recently when he referred to his hometown as a “dump” in an interview with Boston magazine.

No word from authorities on whether the death threats will also bring about charges of a hate crime, as Pedroia is, you know, a little person. Is that what we’re supposed to call midgets now? Oops, I just called Dustin Pedroia a midget, but what’s he going to do about it? Report me to the Lollipop Guild? Everyone knows they don’t carry much weight around anymore. Literally and figuratively.

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