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Miike Sciiosciia Beliieves Umpiires Diid Not Handle Ejectiion Of Torii Hunter Very Well


Tempers flared and four Angels were ejected when Josh Beckett through a pitch at Bobby Abreu’s head after Abreu called and given time out by the home plate umpire in the first inning of Anaheim’s 5-4 victory over the Boston Red Sox on Sunday.  The fact that no Red Sox players were ejected drew Anaheim manager Mike Scioscia’s ire:

“I don’t think it was handled very well. Both dugouts emptied and yet our side [got] the wrath of the umpires.”

Crew chief Joe West begged to differ, saying “[t]he Angels were the aggressors. That’s why they were ejected.”

Torii Hunter was one of the Angels ejected due to the fracas but insisted the death of teammate Nick Adenhart had nothing to do with it.

“No, I swear to you I will not use that. Yeah, we had an emotional week. But whatever happened right there, that was blatant. Don’t use that (the death of Nick Adenhart earlier this week), man. I don’t know if everybody had eyes on us because they think we’re emotionally unstable right now or what. But what happened there was blatant.”

Let’s hope the Angels can somehow manage to get through ths horrible tragedy and display more of the strength and dignity they have already shown throughout the grieving process and hope that this incident was just an abberation. Although you can hardly blame them if the pressure is getting to them.

Video of the incident can be found over on Five Tool Tool, at least until MLB has it taken down off YouTube.

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