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Wake N’ Blog For April 10th: Let He Who Hasn’t Simulated A Sex Act On A Chicken Carcass Cast The First Stone


Let’s take a quick peek at what’s up and what’s going down…

•  A record-setting five birdies in the first five holes propelled Chad Campbell to the lead after the 1st round, finishing at 7 under.  Tiger Woods is 2 under, so he has everyone right where he wants them – just like me on Bingo Night  [The Official Site of the Masters]

• The New York Yankees finally win a game, pounding the Orioles 11-2. So much for them going 0-162. I guess it’s time for me to move on to another unrealistic dream, like White Castles not causing severe heartburn. [Yahoo! Sports]

• The Chicago Bulls reduced their magic number down to one, beating the Philadelphia 76ers 113-99. Chicago is trying to get in the playoffs for the fourth time in five years and they are doing it for Jay Cutler and diabetics everywhere – so selfless, those Bulls []

• The New York Rangers and the Montreal Canadiens secured the 7th and 8th playoff spots in the Eastern Conference. The Western Conference, on the other hand, is still a clusterfuck, with four teams vying for two playoff spots. [ Scoreboard]

Now for the goofy nug of the day…

rubber-chicken• Two Australian Rules Football players are in deep doo doo after a video surfaced of them simulating a sex act on a chicken carcass with a rubber chicken, or as I used to call it, the closing shift at KFC.  [Yahoo!]